Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Superior Pocahontas Construction Company uses innovative techniques to restore disturbed sites and landscapes. We have successfully restored large areas impacted by such activities as surface mining, large-scale construction operations, installation of utility right-of-ways, and industrial activities. Our team also rehabilitates smaller critical areas, such as wetlands, steep slopes, highly erosive soils, and contaminated areas.

  • Seeding and Mulching

  • Erosion Logs and Silt Barriers

  • Berm & Swale Construction and Maintenance

  • Drainage Systems

  • Silt Fence and Safety Fence

  • Sediment Basin/Pond Construction and Maintenance

  • Inlet Protection

  • Erosion Control Blanketing

  • Turf Reinforcement Matting

  • Mechanical Bonded Fiber Matrix

  • Dust Control

  • Street Sweeping

  • Culvert Clean-out & Repair

Superior Pocahontas Construction Company has the capacity to handle complex and multifaceted projects. Our experienced staff utilizes the latest technology and specialized equipment to deliver the highest level of production and quality.

With an increased demand for skilled excavation services, Superior Pocahontas provides a full range of services that meet any residential or commercial excavation requirement.
Superior Pocahontas provides first rate, customer oriented services and understands the high standard of quality that developers and homeowners are looking for.

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