We offer light industrial building construction and remodeling services with complete Demolition services. Quality construction and remodeling can provide value to your property and increase your investment. We are proud of our quality craftsmanship. We coordinate all permit requirements and sub-contracting needs. Our construction and design team can help you with your design needs or work with your existing plans. Call Superior Pocahontas Construction Company today for a free estimate at 304-687-2739



Experience dictates that no two demolition projects are ever exactly the same. At first glance, it may look like just a building or two that need to be removed. In actuality, the demolition work may only begin with the above ground structure(s).

Our commitment to our customers, the community and the environment, to identify and then properly remove any hazardous materials found on the project site. The safety of our employees and customers depends on our strict adherence to these regulations and this commitment is validated year after year, with our impeccable safety record. Superior Pocahontas Construction emphasizes the importance of developing and maintaining a professional and positive alliance with any and all Federal, State and Local regulatory offices associated with a demolition project.

Removal and Demo Services


This is why Superior Pocahontas Construction develops a comprehensive plan for demolition, prior to beginning this phase of the project. One or more walk through tours will be required to insure every scenario has been addressed and properly handled. Those hidden treasures which can save both the environment and our customer’s money are identified at this time and incorporated into the plan. This includes any recycling, re-distribution and/or re-sale options related to the salvageable materials identified and separated from the debris. If there are materials that can’t be recycled or re-used, Superior Pocahontas Construction takes every precaution to insure that this debris is removed and disposed of within the proper guidelines.

With an increased demand for skilled excavation services, Superior Pocahontas provides a full range of services that meet any residential or commercial excavation requirement.
Superior Pocahontas provides first rate, customer oriented services and understands the high standard of quality that developers and homeowners are looking for.

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